Tea and Sweetbreads

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Dunno why everyone that comes from China brings us tea. Anyway, supposedly the new trend in China is black tea (couple of years ago, the trend was green tea). Our newest acquisition.

Pekoe Tea

Pekoe Tea

Kinda looks like dried up earthworms.

Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves

Nice aroma, reminds me of tea served when eating dim sum. :)

Picked up «day old» bread from a hole in the wall while waiting for the bus.



The «dude» recommended mango sweet bread,

Mango Sweet Bread

Mango Sweet Bread

and mac nut ginger sweet bread

Mac Nut Ginger Sweet Bread

Mac Nut Ginger Sweet Bread

Tried a piece of the mac nut ginger tonight, pieces of rehydrated dried ginger in the bread, not much mac nut flavor. Not bad though.

What a deal. Normally $6 bucks each. «Day old» price, two for $5 bucks. Good Chinese price. Hee hee :)

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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some of my pleasant and yummy «souvenirs» from Romania…:-)

some of my pleasant and yummy «souvenirs» from Romania…:-).

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This Man is a Real-Life Hero

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When Charles Williams saw people frantically running out of the subway in New York City, he knew something was wrong. But rather than joining the others in running from what he later found out to be a knife-wielding woman who had already stabbed one passenger, Williams, a street cleaner, ran toward the chaos.

“Everybody was going out,” Williams told the Daily News. “Nobody was going in. I’m tired of senseless killings. I ran down.”

Charles Williams Hero Subdue Stabber

Williams, along with another Good Samaritan, got a hold of the attacker and held her down until police came. The woman who was stabbed, 39-year-old Heather Burke, was treated for her injuries and is now reportedly home safe and sound recovering.

“I just went off pulse to help,” Williams said. “I didn’t think at the time what could happen, I just wanted to save some lives. I just thought it could have been anyone in my…

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Remembering Robin Williams, Done Right

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The folks at the Rialto cinema in Raleigh, NC were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Robin Williams and so they let his fans watch Mrs Doubtfire free of charge.

Remembering Robin Williams, Done Right

Also, the Lighthouse cinema in Dublin, Ireland showed Aladdin and Good Will Hunting, with all proceeds kindly being donated to Pieta House – a suicide and self harm crisis centre.

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The Conversations I Never Had

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I am 51 years old now and as I look back at my life, much time has passed with both successes and failures.  I have a wonderful family, am financially successful and have two beautiful homes. But there have been times that were very painful and as I reflect on their cause, I realize that much of that pain could have been prevented if I had only communicated.  I avoided conversations or I waited until it was too late.   And as I think about why I did not have those conversations when I should have, the only answer that I can come up with is that I was afraid.  I was afraid of being judged or I was afraid of the potential conflict the conversation might create.  And, yet, this is not giving enough respect and credit to those people with whom I should have been communicating.  Conversely, when…

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we are never “lost in translation”…:-)

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motto: – Charlotte(Scarlett Johansson): I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be… – Bob(Bill Murray): You’ll figure that out… The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less…

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15. september  2014

Selv om det fortsatt er badetemperatur og solrike, varme dager, mygg som fortsatt stikker og insekter som svermer rett inn i edderkoppens spindelvev, merkes også kjøligere netter og tidligere solnedgang. Naturen har begynt å klargjøre seg for en ny vinter – noe dør for å skape nytt liv… Bildene er tatt nede på Øya og jeg lyttet til «Director`s Cut» av Kate Bush, og spesielt sangen «This womans work» mens jeg plukket ut og redigerte bildene. Sett den gjerne på mens du titter. Jeg tror musikk påvirker min redigering og utvelging av bilder. Uansett, med musikk er det lettere å «gli inn» i stemningen. Ha en fin dag/kveld!































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The Legend of the Northern Lights

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«If you look upward and fight onward, you can conquer the Great Mountain.»

I’m not sure if I can take credit for this story because it was given to me in a moment of pure inspiration. I was camping in Arizona, and staring up at the stars with some friends when it suddenly struck me (True story. I have witnesses!). Using the light of the fire, I sat up and hurriedly wrote it down.

I’ve included it in my book, Your Life Isn’t For You, with the sincere hope that it will help guide others forward. I’ve worked on the video featured below for a long time. If it inspires you, please—as a special favor to me—share it with others.

I am profoundly grateful for Ashley Collett (for creating such amazing illustrations) and for David Tolk (for allowing me to use his beautiful music).

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Jaffa Harbour

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Quick abstract version before the real thing..

Jaffa Harbour 1

Jaffa Harbour

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