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Before Management Wises Up

Originally posted on Live2EatEat2Live Blog:

Two weeks ago, The Cat and I tried out the «New» Panda Cuisine Restaurant (see here) (641 Keeaumoku Street, Honolulu, Hawaii). The $7.99 price lunch specials are so reasonable that we’ve gone back every weekend since. The Cat has gone for lunch during weekdays too. We wanted to get in on the price before management wises up.

So the weekend previous, two of us, three plates.

The first time The Cat ordered this, it was all vegetables, this time the dish included fried fish cake. I ended up eating most of the fishcake, not one of The Cat’s favorite foods. Yesterday, The Cat ordered it again for lunch and there was pork with the vegetables. I guess «house special dish» is like a «daily special» kind of thing.

The Cat counted nine large shrimp. The Cat was happy.

The best dish so far (readers that have dietary restrictions may…

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Originally posted on Myblog's Blog:

Før og etter selvbruning Før og etter selvbruning


Lotion brukt i ansikt

Ultimate Citrus Tan Extender 225g


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Exquisite Duet: Kristine Ong Muslim and Thaddeous Rutkowski

Originally posted on JMWW:

the-duetExquisite Duet (formerly Exquisite Quartet) is not so much a composition between two writers, but rather something created within the murky midlands of each author’s mind, yet set off by the same first sentence. Meg Tuite chooses two writers each month and gives them a first sentence to start with and a 250-word limit to finish an exquisitely mesmerizing story or poem. These duet-dueling writers will craft two completely different cosmos that have rotated, pitched, and blasted from the depths of their cerebral cortex to the twitching nerve endings of their digits onto dueling keyboards and separate screens until their sublime duet is prepared to see the light of an audience.

Dear Protégé

by Kristine Ong Muslim

Crouch in a kennel and you’ll fit in my life. See how quickly you can grow when bound and constricted. So, are you still thinking of ways to mend what you categorize as…

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Purple Roses & Hearts

Originally posted on IreneDesign2011:

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Purple Resin Roses & Hearts by IreneDesign2011Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelet with Purple Resin Roses & Hearts

Would you like to wear this bracelet? Please tell me, thank you :-)

You can find this and other beautiful Jewelry & Accessories in my Etsy Shop

Wish you a new happy week


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The Magical Place of In-between

Originally posted on Gentle Healing Thoughts:

For a while

everything seemed unclear –

out of focus,

without hope –


But I soon found

I had been only in-between

a quiet wish

and an answered prayer –

closer than a thought away,

in a magical place, in fact –

in the middle of

the sweetest letting go

and receiving.

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Monday Coffee To Go

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Serás feliz cuando deje de importarte lo que los demás piensen de ti.

Originally posted on Estate un rato (EUR) | Stay awhile (SA):

A menudo suelo pensar en lo que la gente pensará de mí. Muchas veces, intento modificar mis conductas, o lo que es peor, mis pensamientos, para coincidir con lo «esperable» , con lo que «debería» ser así, con lo que la gente quiere que sea. Pero la realidad es que generalmente esos ideales no son lo que la gentequiere que sea, son lo que yo pienso que la gente quiere que sea. ¿Encontráis la diferencia?

Lo que la gente pensará de mí Lo que la gente pensará de mí

Cuando nos centramos en los demás muchas veces perdemos nuestra individualidad. Al pensar en el qué dirán, cómo se lo tomarán los demás, intentar adivinar qué pensarán los otros,… acabamos sometiéndonos a las opiniones de los demás, convirtiéndonos en un ideal de todos y para nadie.

Pero la realidad es que nos acabamos convirtiendo en el ideal que nosotros creemos que los otros tienen. Y esto no siempre…

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Marilyn Monroe

Originally posted on Kitt Noir:

Mondays need Marilyn to brighten the day.


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My Journey Of A Lifetime?

Originally posted on The Urge To Wander:

A high school teacher who relied on statistics over story telling ensured I always lagged behind in history. 

My geography teacher – a catholic nun, who seemed to be uncannily familiar with every squiggly indentation of every coastline on the globe – however, instilled in me a true awareness of the wonderful world I lived in. Even when none of my meticulously hand drawn maps ever seemed to stand up to her exacting scrutiny. Or perhaps it was because of it.

It was the revelatory power of literature that first ignited my passion for history. The sizeable collection of books that I inherited from R’s dad, and all the time in the world to immerse myself in gripping stories. Of giddying power and political intrigue. Of devastating destruction and undying romance. Of the successes and misfortunes of individuals and kingdoms long lost and long dead.

Then travel brought those stories alive in a way no school curriculum ever could even with…

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